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Planning Your Summer Golf Vacation in France

Where Shall We Play Next Summer?

By Peter Hellman

Classic Golf Tours


Winter is the time many golfers start thinking about golf and where they may want to play during the summer.   It is also the time that many of the same golfers don't do anything about it.  If your plans include that long delayed trip to Scotland, Ireland or some other great golf destination, you best get started now.


Classic GOLF Tours and other quality golf travel companies start the year with access to many of the golf courses you want to play.  As the year goes on, tee times and accommodations disappear and disappointments mount.


 So, if you are thinking about a grand trip this spring, summer or fall, think about the three "W's" -- WHERE (destination, type of accommodation & special courses), WHEN (dates & how long) and WHO (spouse, couples or golf friends going with you).


Most good golf travel companies can put together a free sample itinerary for your review in a few days.  A company's website may even have some sample itineraries to look at and help you with your planning.  Our website,, for example, gives you at least three different prices for an itinerary depending upon whether you select Guest Houses, Small Hotels or Luxury Resorts.  Once you have your basic three W's, contact your selected golf travel company.  A good one will come back to you with suggestions and ideas to make your trip even better. 


When looking for your golf travel company, look for one that offers complete one stop service.  This should include in-country representatives, ground transportation options, accommodations to suit your budget, airline ticketing capabilities, access to travel insurance and non-golf planning and advice.  Membership in associations such as the Better Business Bureau and golf tour operators associations such as IAGTO and SIGTOA are also important. 


So remember, a little planning now will result in greater play later.


Peter Hellman is President of Classic GOLF Tours.  His company designs custom golf trips to Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Argentina and virtually everywhere there's golf.

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